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7.87 out of 10)

  • pyrosaitan1

    a poor chick with OCD, that must be heart stoppingly difficult

  • josh

    U SED IT LOL ive only just found about this being dubbed ^_^

  • Steve

    Looking foreword for this

  • AnimeMaster

    i have to be honest. this dub is not very good. don’t get me wrong i have nothing against dubs. i often prefer them but…. this is really bad. you would think that nowadays they can make the sound quality in their voices more clear. and actually make the voices match at least most of the characters. i have to say in my opinion the sub takes the cake this time.

  • DMB4

    I agree with ANIMEMASTER but also it doesn’t look like this great anime is going to be official dubbed anytime soon or I;m really sad to say maybe not at all so these fan dubs are the closest we can get and yes the sound quality sucks BAD but as for the character voices I’ve seen allot of fan dubs for this and I must say not bad :) I will watch this dub all the way through and hopefully I will somehow forget about the sound quality.

  • static

    It’s not a fan dub. It’s dubbed by Animax Asia. Look them up.

  • snevol

    please watch this you will fall in love with it trust me it a mirical. it amazing if you watch this you will never forget it.i almost broke my computer because it shut down in the middle of it. i respect any anime that those that please watch i

  • dethnote.KIRA40

    ive never been one to hate on dubs because personally i like them better but…i saw the sub first so i have to say i dont care much for this one. USUI DOES NOT SOUND LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!! HE NEEDS TO SOUND MORE MANLY!!!!!!!!

    thats really the only problem i have with it. i clicked on this link thinking that if Usui didnt sound right i would hit stop. they should have got the guy who voiced Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach to voice Usui…or better yet, the guy who voiced Light Yagami/Kira in Death Note. eigther one of them would sound more…Usui! im sorry but Usui cant sound like a girl…

  • selena


  • mia

    the sound SUCK !!!!!!!

  • olivia

    this dub sucks so bad and the sound quality is horrible i would recomned the sub it a lot better than this

  • iluvtoddhaberkorn’svoice

    Eww another animax dub! I love dubs way more than subs but animax dubs just suck. The one they did for fairy tail is also ridiculously bad! It is actually amazing how they always find voices that don’t match the characters AT ALL and how their sound quality SUCKS! I might actually have to watch the subbed version of this show, and that is something I never do by choice. Maybe I’m just spoiled from the watching amazing Funimation dubs? :)

  • NotNeji’sGhostAtAll

    I actually made it to 4 minutes! but then the dudes voice just… ughh. K. watching subbed,

  • LalouchnotCodeGeass

    I do have some issues with this one namely the manager’s voice, but on the whole this is not as bad as most would have you believe.

    I have heard a lot worse #cough cough Animax’s Fairy Tail cough cough#.

  • iamsparta!!!!

    my show wont load and its making me quite angry might i add this has happend several times and ive never watched this and id like to

  • BloodGallade

    The video wont show up for me

  • poop

    THIS DOESNT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • idk


  • idk

    i mean this DOESN’T WORK!

  • dragon hex

    you can watch it on animepalm too

  • green

    Fun fact, they have 2 dubs for this show. This trash and another I believe, but the other only has ep 4+ for some reason

  • Teemo

    I think it’s broken, can you guys fix this. thank you very much :)

  • Kotomi

    Is there any way you can make this for moble? youtube sucks they don’t have alot of dubbed anime.

  • Kotomi

    The web site, can u make it for moble

  • Snow

    Um this wont load for me… i mean its like blanked out where the video is supposed to be

  • Lotus

    This video will not show up for me please can you fix this

  • hashnan nur e zaman

    Kaichou wa Maid-sama! link broken !!!

    • Aaliyah

      ikr it wont work for me xP

  • LunaRip

    Me 3 Clicked the link and nothing …
    No screen. Neither player button 1 or 2 is doing anything.. :(