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9.24 out of 10)

  • Jon

    Finally. I find this dubbed. Sadly I have to wait for more. :/

  • chris scruggs

    something is wrong with the ads on the anime that i watch there interfering with what im watching

  • Karma

    is it possible to download this from here?

  • Shine

    my penis is grow up when i watch this anime xD

  • Kon

    I’m here for this, don’t mind me just rewatching

  • ChaosReaper

    Just cant get enough of this anime lol

  • willboy

    most amazing anime ever!!!!!!!!!

  • Peter Guyud

    hot damn the 4th time haha

  • ThatGuyYouKnow83

    God I missed this anime… just could’nt resist rewatching again

  • Sir Swaggalot

    Just rewatching not only coz its amazing but because i need to remind myself of everything that has happened before season 3 comes out 4th of April i believe or so i am told. Any way #ReturnOfTheDragon

  • The Anime Watcher

    I cant wait to see how good this anime series will be….when I finish the series I will repost what I thought about it!!!