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8.00 out of 10)

  • Corey L. Robbins

    at 53:10 the sound stops and its like a gear or something moving

  • Skarr

    Why does the sound stop :( cant understand anything

  • ItzRussell

    amazing :)

  • Sy Sy

    watch from player 2 :)

  • FD_GoD


  • OtakuNeko

    Soo beautiful
    It gave me misty eyes ;(

    nooo Eclare

  • VioletBlue Justice Goff

    sound stops working near the end of the movie, plz fix

  • TheDragonSlayer123

    This movie was beautiful. I haven’t seen such a sad death since Mas Hughs from FMA Brotherhood. My new favorite movie :)

  • Kigon

    Where in the story line does this take place?

    • Kigon

      So after the time jump…but they have a good guild hall…So How long after the time jump?

      • redchris87

        it just happens because they don’t get the good guild hall back until after the grand magic games but before that elfman bulks up and turns into like a mountain which as we can see he isn’t

        • Kigon

          Unless they added new episodes they is no dubbed past 175. WHY ADD MOVIE AFTER THE EVENTS!! I feel like they should just have dubbed the story first…Good movie though

          • redchris87

            for some reason the switched to a series two (which is dumb if you ask me) and there are a lot more story arcs in that series too so i suggest watching the subbed episodes

  • Kigon

    anyone else lose sound at around 1 hr in?