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9.29 out of 10)

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  • Jesus

    the audio goes out mid ending of the movie
    the time it goes out 53:10 please fix i enjoy this site a lot.

  • DJ

    watching this makes me cant wait for the next season of fairy tail

  • DJ

    and o yeah the sound gets mess up somewhere around the end of the movie can you please fix it cause it was so bad i had to stop watching it i didn’t get to finish the movie

  • arthur

    the sound cut out at 53:10

  • star_weaver

    sound cuts out around 50 min

  • heba

    the sound stops on both links after 53 minutes, can you please fix it? :(

  • kassandra

    almost at the end of the movie the audio just stops what should i do?

  • Jordan Bradley Andersen

    Hey the sound on this movie stops working at 52:10. can you guys please fix this I really would like to finish this movie
    thank you vary much

    user name Fur_Elise

  • Erza Scarlet – Titania

    The volume completely goes at 53 minutes. Please fix

  • alucard

    why is the sound gone from 53mins?

  • Matt

    isn’t this suppose to be out in December?

  • Avalon

    This video looses sound at 53mins. Fix this please.

  • umya

    sound stops working at 53:11, for both links. bad copy I think.

  • Eric May

    After 53 minutes the sound goes out and all u hear is a weird noise PLZ FIX

  • DarkAnime

    Anyone know the reason why the audio messes up at around 52 mins into the film?

  • ANiJunkiE

    Movie audio is broken. cuts out and sounds like a movie reel that is out of film @ around 53min in and continues for the duration of the movie.

  • ANiJunkiE

    This makes me exceptionally sad because i have really poor internet and had to wait an hour for this to load to be able to watch it. plz fix it =*(

  • Andy

    hey admins the fairy tail movie has a glitch in its audio at 53 minutes into the movie…what the fuck

  • anon

    well i am the only one or is this vid broken @40 min.. like sound keeps goin ape shit ????

  • Alice

    Why does it switch off the sound in the middle of the movie,what went wrong becuse i didnt do anything to it? :-(

  • mauricio

    no sound at 67 min wtf thats bullshit fuck this website

  • nick

    no sound ok up to 53 min then no sound

  • Warrick

    audio cuts out at 53:10

  • alex

    file corrupt. after minuet 53 there is no sound

  • sasha

    the was no sound at the other half of the movie what had happened please fix tht

  • bigworm007

    sound goes out at 53 min

  • crystal

    53:11 till the end of the movie dosen’t have sound please fix thank you.

  • admin

    Hey everyone. We’re currently encoding a new version from an alternate source. Please bear with us while we get it up.

  • Anonymus

    Hey. The sound stops working at abut 53 minutes. Please fix! I really want to watch the duration of this movie, but with the sound like that,, I can’t! Please fix asap!

  • Corey L. Robbins

    at 53:10 the sound stops and its like a gear or something moving

  • Skarr

    Why does the sound stop :( cant understand anything

  • ItzRussell

    amazing :)

  • Sy Sy

    watch from player 2 :)

  • FD_GoD


  • jonoboy

    that was beautiful